If you are from the southern area of the beautiful United States.. then you know what red mud is, and odds are.. you’ve probably tried to remove it from your house, driveways, and even off-road vehicles.

You may have tried everything under the sun to remove it.. but it’s a tough mineral to cut.

You’ve seen it, like the picture below.. a beautiful newly constructed home with the not so beautiful red stain all around the bottom. Contractor’s telling the owners that nothing can get it off (insert sad face) BUT.. there is something that can remove it!! Our 1 step “Brick House” (insert happy face).

BRICK HOUSE makes that brick house smile again.. and the owner’s too!

So.. if you have this stain and you are ready to get rid of it. Find a dealer or give us a call!!

AND.. if you have a UTV with the same stain.. we have a product for that too! Check out our 606