Don’t stress. We can help you become a cleaning superhero. 
At Cajun Kleen, we are here to help you navigate the current crisis to ensure your facility is sanitized, safe, and running.  

For sanitizing and disinfecting to be truly effective at killing dangerous bacteria, viruses, and fungi, surfaces must be clean. During the cleaning process, debris, dust, and dirt are removed, leaving surfaces primed for the most optimal level of disinfection. Soils can harbor germs and bacteria. Disinfection becomes less effective if surface soils are present.


With solutions like Vital Oxide disinfectant, sprayers, and misters, and not to mention our full array of pressure washers, sweepers, and specialized detergents – we can customize a plan for your operations.

 Put us to work at keeping you working. Call us today to discuss your concerns and your needs. Our showroom is open and serving customers responsibly. 

Our new MASTER KLEEN Series sprayers were designed with you, the user, in mind

  • Affordable Option
  • 18v Battery Powered
  • Easy to Use
  • ​Amazing Coverage
  • Vital Oxide
  • Master Kleen Series Sprayers
  • Victory Electrostatic Sprayers

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